2018 Slim And Minimal Wallet Guide

Ever see one of those guys that has a wallet that’s bigger than a softball?

We’ve all seen people that pull out those bulky wallets and wonder why in the world they need to carry so much stuff in a wallet. After all, isn’t a wallet about carrying cards and cash?

Let’s face it. If you look in your wallet right now, I guarantee you that you probably only use two to four cards and your ID at any time. All those rewards cards, receipts, condoms and lint are just “fluff stuff” that makes your wallet a lot bigger.

The last time I did a wallet clean out, I found lunch receipts dating back to last year, quick jots that I’d never looked at again, and a lot of business cards from people that didn’t mean anything to me, probably collected over the years of going to tech conventions.

At the end of the purge, I was left with my license and two cards that I always used when making purchases. That was it. Everything else was either irrelevant to me now, or could be put in a secondary wallet and left in the car for those once-a-year times when I actually needed that rewards card.

Needless to say, if you’re in the same boat, it’s time to consider slimming down your EDC by getting yourself a minimalist wallet.

In this list post, we present to you the best slim and minimal wallets!

There’s Plenty Of Minimalist Wallets To Choose From. Pick One or a Few.

The BASICS Wallet – $20

I decided to put the BASICS Wallet by Nomatic, first because it can carry up to 10 cards and a bit of cash easily. This minimalist wallet is perfect for anyone that’s not really sure that they won’t need those other cards, but wants a lower profile from their daily wallet.

The way it works is that you put the cards in one side, and there’s a tab on the other side that you pull on to lift the cards past the opening. You can then spread them slightly to find the card you want and get it out.

The wallet comes in four colors, Black, Grey, Red and Teal. While the colors are different, the design is the same.

Best of all, it’s pretty inexpensive as far as wallets are concerned, coming in at just under $20.

Trayvax Element Wallet – $89

The Trayvax Element is a slim wallet that is one of the most durable wallets we’ve found so far that’s both American sourced and comes with a 65 year warranty.

At the center of this wallet is a black stainless steel frame that’s tough enough to resist bending in the back pocket. It carries up to 8 cards comfortably and features a hidden cash clip.

While the price is a bit higher than other wallets here, the Element well worth the purchase price if style and functionality are your thing.

Dango Tactical EDC Wallet

Not so much a wallet as it’s a card tool with ID and Card carry capability, the Dango Tactical EDC Wallet is one of the coolest looking wallets available.

Besides for carrying 5-8 cards comfortably (12 max), this RFID Blocking EDC wallet has a card tool built right in. The tool has a saw, knife, paracord tensioner, 10/15mm hex, smartphone stand, nail pry bar, ruler, and a few other gadgets built in, but keep in mind that with the saw and knife, this wallet won’t make TSA happy. For me, that’s a huge downside. If I can’t even get my favorite wallet through airport security, then what’s the point? Well, it still looks cool and is great for those that have other wallets that can be used for flights.

Urban Tribe EDC Wallet -$25

The Urban Tribe Carbon Fiber EDC Wallet is a must have for any of you carbon fiber junkies out there. The wallet itself only holds 1 to 4 cards comfortably, but is good for up to 10 bills folded in half in the money clip.

The wallet is RFID blocking, and the magnet on the money clip does not affect your credit card mag stripes. Comes in a nice gift box and comes with a six month warranty

Roco Slim Wallet – $15

The Roco Slim Wallet is perfect for those that don’t need a bunch of extras. When you like your EDC to be functional, but not flashy, the Roco wallet should be your “go to” wallet that’s in your pocket.

The band is wider on the 2017 version than it was on previous models, and it can carry up to 14 cards, but you’ll probably want to keep between 5 and 10 for a comfortable fit.

Ridge Wallet – $65

Yeah, you’ve probably seen that cheesy video on Facebook that has “Turn Up The Volume” plastered across the top, but fact of the matter is that the Ridge Wallet is actually a pretty good wallet.

With your choice of Aluminum, Titanium or Carbon Fiber, the Ridge Wallet blocks RFID and can hold 10 cards fairly comfortably along with cash in the attached metal clip.

Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet – $24.99

The Chelsea slim wallet by Vaultskin, is one of the most functional wallets that I’ve seen in the Slim and Minimal Wallet group as it has a front pocket for your most used card (up to two can fit here), and up to five more in the top pocket (Holds 7 cards in all without over stuffing it).

The added bonus here is that there’s side pocket that can also hold up to five bills folded in quarters in addition to the seven cards.

Crabby Wallet – $14.95

What a fun name for a wallet – The Crabby Wallet is perhaps one of the most unique wallets in the line up. It doesn’t look like anything else here, is made entirely of elastic, and can hold up to 10 cards plus five bills folded in quarters without making your butt look big.

TwinWoodCompany Rosewood SLIM Minimalist Wallet – $29

For anyone that loves wood, the Rosewood SLIM Minimalist Wallet by TwinWoodComapany (via ETSY, and yes, all one word) is one awesome wallet! Truly handmade with real walnut wood  that can fit up to 6 cards plus a bit of cash, this card is like nothing your coworkers have ever seen.

You also have the option of engraving for a few extra bucks, and custom orders are accepted if so desired.

TriHOLD Ultimate Trifold Black Leather Card Wallet – $51.80

Not ready to give up that trifold wallet yet? The TriHOLD Ultimate Trifold Wallet gives you the best of both worlds: A trifold wallet with the slim, minimal profile that won’t be like a rock in your pocket.

There are six pockets on the wallet in all, holding 6-12 cards plus space for cash or a Moleskine Volant mini notebook!

I do like this wallet, myself. It has the space you need, but the minimal design you want.

HUMN Mini – $59

Some call it the “original” minimal wallet, the HUMN Mini (by HuMn) holds 5-8 cards plus cash in it’s elastic band. There’s 11 color choices and it’s RFID Blocking!

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