A Dark Everyday Carry

I Accidentally Color-Matched My EDC!

I’m not really into color matching my Everyday Carry.

It’s more about the functionality than it is style. Having said that, there are times when the EDC does match colors in some form, and this EDC dump was one.

everyday carry gear on a desk

Starting from the top left and working our way down, this is what’s in the carry:

1. Yi 4K Action Camera

I really love this little camera. It’s pretty much the same as a Go Pro, but at a lower price point that was affordable at the time. It has 4K at 30 frames per second, but I usually run 1080P to save memory. I run 24 frames per second for Cinematic shots and 60 frames for all else. It has a 2-hour runtime for normal use and can be recharged in about six hours.

This camera goes with me everywhere and is tucked neatly into my backpack most of the time. You never know when you’ll need a camera, and having a stand-alone (not a phone camera) can be really useful.

2. Bic Lighter

Always having a way to make fire is good. From lighting the B-day candles on a coworker’s cake to lighting someone’s smoke for them, I always have a lighter or two in the backpack if not in my pocket.

3. Streamlight Microstream Flashlight

This AAA flashlight isn’t the brightest, but it has been the most reliable and durable of all my flashlights. It has a two-hour runtime on Alkalines and puts out 45 lumens. I usually run Lithium-Ion batteries for slightly brighter light and cold weather resistance.

4. Cheap Wallet

Picked up this four-pocket slim wallet for $10 at an Army-Navy Surplus store. It’s been pretty durable, and I like the small size. I have other wallets, but this was the one I felt like carrying.

5. Pokka Pen

The Pokka Pen collapses down to fit conveniently in your pocket when not in use but is a full-length pen when you put the cap on. I found these online and for $2 each, I decided to get a pack. It’s a good all-purpose pen that’s extremely light, will float in water, and was originally designed as an inexpensive alternative for the Fisher Space Pen, although the cartridges on the Pokka pen are not pressurized.

6. Gerber Dime

This small little pocket multitool has been insanely useful for small general repairs. It can’t stand up to a full size but works for putting the rollers back on my chair at work among other things. The Dime offers a small knife blade, scissors and pliers, all of which are useful, however, the file and plastic retail box opener are totally useless. I’m looking into switching to the leatherman squirt.

7. MRF Multi-Tool Smart Ruler

This TSA Safe smart ruler is perfect for on-the-go line and circle making. It has useful tools like a protractor, Metric and Imperial measurements and a bottle opener. Usually, this sits in my wallet, but for this picture, I had to pull it out!

8. Field Notes Pocket Notebook

I have always carried pocket notebooks. I hate trying to capture information on my smartphone. For that reason, I always make sure to have a pocket notebook with me, whether it’s Field Notes, Moleskine, or whatever.

9. Marathon Pilot Navigator Tritium Watch

I have smartwatches and I have G-Shock and many others. The Marathon Pilot Navigator is my favorite watch for its simplicity, light weight and ability to work in every condition that I’ve been in.

The watch isn’t cheap for those of us that aren’t collectors, but I wanted something that was functional yet stylish and would compliment my EDC.

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