Does Your Knife Make Your Coworkers Nervous? [Non Threatening Knives]

I like knives, and have a lot of them.

It’s a collection, perhaps.

Last week, I was at work and my Kershaw Cryo was sitting on my desk. I was eating lunch when my boss came over to talk to me.

I noticed that he kept eyeing the Cryo and I realized that he was feeling a little bit uncomfortable with such a “tactical” looking knife on my desk, regardless of the fact that I carry it for purely utilitarian purposes.

The problem with a lot of people in this world, is that if they see a knife or gun, they get nervous or uncomfortable. They worry about the fact that since someone has a knife (or gun) in their possession, they’re going to go postal and massacre everyone.

Since there’s no way I’m going out of the house without tools, knives in paticular, here’s a few knives that won’t make any coworkers worry if they see it on your desk.

Just about any Swiss Army Knife

These knives are great, and can come with a lot of other tools, if you so choose, but no one thinks of these as a real weapon. No one gets nervous. If anything, people ask if you were a boy scout or something when they see it (yeah, that’s happened).


Having a blade on your multi tool is also really non threatening. People don’t really think of these are assault weapons either. The general perception is that these are convenient tools that help you fix stuff… which they are.

Your Grandpa’s Old Pocket Knife

Mine was made of Ram’s Horn and had just a single 3 inch blade. It was a really beautiful knife. I passed it on to my son as soon as he was ready to have it.

Box Cutter Knife

You know those cheap knives with the break-off tips… They’re usually yellow, you click the blade up to expose it, and the back cap comes of and is used to break a new point on the knife. No one is going to blink twice about one of these sitting on your desk. They’re probably one of the most unassuming knives in the workplace ever.

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