End Of Day Cargo Pants EDC Pocket Dump [Sept. 26, 2017]

cargo pants pocket dump 09_26_2017

It’s the end of a long day, and I’m just clearing out my pockets before cracking open a cold one and relaxing.

Besides for the Everyday Carry that goes where ever I go in my backpack or messenger bag, I have a pretty specific set of items that travel with me on my person throughout the day. Naturally, what’s in my pockets will vary from weekday to weekend, but some of these items stay with me any time I go out of the house.

Field Notes Graph Notebook

I always carry a pocket notebook with me. I have for years. You never know when you might have to jot a quick note, reminder or to do down, and this notebook never needs batteries or a recharging in order to retrieve data. Today, I was carrying around the Field Notes Utility Graph notebook to take those notes.

Fisher “Trekker” Space Pen

It’s a space pen. Never failed me, no matter what the conditions, and is small enough to sit in my pocket without being intrusive. I have four Fisher space pens, but this one is my “write everything anywhere” pen.

Victronix Swiss Army Knife “Tinker”

Ever since my dad gave me my first Swiss Army Knife when I was seven, I’ve always had one or more. While the original knife I was gifted now sits in a showcase, I carry the Tinker most of the time. It’s a good, coworker & workplace-friendly kind of knife, and it’s quite useful for many things. I have always believed in carrying a small utility pocket knife, and usually its a SAK.

Corsair 128GB USB 3.0 Drive

If for no other reason than “wow-the-coworkers”, the Corsair Survivor USB Drive is a tough data storage drive that survives the elements and even a car or two running over it! For increased security, the drive is encrypted with VeraCrypt and uses the triple cascading AES Twofish Serpent Encryption Algorithm for extra security, among other non-disclosed features.

Yubico Yubikey

When it comes to security, my personal & work laptops and desktops are protected with a YubiKey hardware authentication device. One must have the correct Yubikey in order to gain access and decrypt the system along with strong mobile phone Two Factor Authentication.

Waterproof Pill Box & Aleve

Because aches and pains happen, I carry three Aleve for those moments. Carrying a bit of OTC medication can really help you get through the day when you need it.

Nitecore Tube

I never go anywhere without a flashlight, and I don’t mean my phone’s LED light. The Nitecore Tube yields 48 hours on low power and 1 hour on maximum output. It’s also rechargeable. I have two of these – one in my pocket and one in the bag as a backup to the Surefire Nitrolen G3 [LED Upgrade] or the Pelican 3310.

Listerine Strips

Well, I don’t like to be caught with coffee breath or anything, so it’s either these or Altoids Mini’s.

Dude Wipes

Dude Wipes are really handy for those times when you’ve been sweating and just want to clean your brow, under arms or other man parts, as they say, but seriously, it’s always a good idea to have in case you find that you’re in need of a quick refresher. I also have a travel pack of baby wipes in the bag as primary.

Bic Lighter

Having fire available is always a good thing. Even if you don’t smoke, I do suggest having one in your bag. If for no other reason than to burn those self incriminating documents right before the DEA busts through the door. LOL

Hand Sanitizer

Sure, you can use it for your hands, but it’s also flammable. If necessary, use with the Bic lighter to get your documents lit faster. ;D

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