Heading Out At First Light

Making Sure I Have The EDC Essentials For This Day Trip

It’s almost 0500 and I’m ready to hit the road.

The coffee is brewing and I’m feeling pretty good.

Gotta make a day run and won’t be back until this evening, so I’m taking a few everyday carry essentials with me.

The wallet’s a trusty friend. It’s actually a Field Notes leather cover that also has credit card slots that I picked up from MihaiLeather for about $40. I added a Leuchtturm1917 pen loop and am using a J. Herbin pocket pen that’s filled with a custom Bad Black Moccasin (DNA infused ink) from Noodler’s Inks. I could go into that in another post.

I like the vintage look and feel of the 1941 Brass Replica Zippo. No, it’s really a Zippo, but a 1941 style. Fully refilled and ready for the day. This staple of my EDC is always with me, usually hanging out in the 5th pocket, ready at a moment’s notice. I also have a full size BIC lighter in that canvas bag as a backup, but I’ve never really needed it.

The Nitecore Tube is a handy little pocket light that sits in that 5th pocket as well. It’s rechargeable via standard Android cable in about an hour, and provides 45 lumens (1hr) or 1 lumen (48hrs). Normally, I just use the 45 lumen mode when I need quick, fast light, but I also have a Pelican 3310 sitting in the EDC bag. That one does 376 Lumens (1hr) or 35 lumens (202hrs!!!) and is IPX7 waterproof. I got that one for the insanely long runtime.

Of course, I’ll have the Samsung S8 Edge and the AKG Earbuds with me for communication and information needs, but I’ll also have a 4000mAh powerbank and cable to keep the phone juiced up.

I always have a knife (or three) on me. Today, I felt like taking the HigonoKami. A good, razor sharp handmade Japanese blade that’s all utility. There’s a lot of history and culture in this blade as it’s made personally by the last remaining member of the Knife Maker’s Guild in Japan.

In the bag itself, I have a Gerber Suspension for light duty work, First Aid kit, some snacks, a notebook and Fisher Space Pen and a couple over the counter medications (ibuprofen, DayQuil, Benadryl, etc…), extra batteries for the flashlights and a couple other items.

I’ll do a bag dump later on in the week, but right now, it’s time to hit the road.

Peace out!

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