Monday Morning Desk Dump

It’s another Monday morning and I’ve laid out the things that I’ll probably need throughout the work day on my desk.

Here’s what I got today [from left clockwise:

This is my basic work loadout. Obviously I am focusing on just what I use at my desk at work, and not the everyday carry in my backpack.

Traveler’s Notebook

I’ve found that the standard size Traveler’s Notebook is a pretty good size for me. It’s more compact that the usual desk journal, and is fairly modular for customization. This notebook is what I put To Do’s, meeting information and other important stuff into during the work day. I also have a second Traveler’s Notebook for off work use.

MihaiLeather Field Notes Waller

This fits in both Jeans and Cargo back pockets and carries one standard 3.5″x5.5″ notebook. I prefer the Fold Journal dot grid notebooks because they’re a bit cheaper than Field Notes and Moleskine, but have similar quality paper and performance.

Fisher Space Pen Trekker

This is my favorite pocket carry pen. It’s been with me for years. So far it’s indestructible and has always written when I needed it.

Gerber EAB Lite

I love this little “box cutter” for it’s small size and the fact that I can replace the blades as needed. It’s been used at work for the past three years because a small knife like this sitting on my desk is perfectly acceptable to most coworkers and bosses that stop by.

P-51 Can Opener

I can’t tell you who keeps stealing the can opener from the break room, but when it’s time for lunch, it’s ALWAYS missing. I decided that having this can opener was one of the most important items in the desk, and it’s earned it’s place of respect for it.

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