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  • What’s On My Desk?

    I love Knolling. I love cool gear. My everyday carry changes from time to time based on what I’m doing for the day, and the mood I’m in, so I decided to Knoll the items laying on my desk at the end of the workday. Yi 4K Action Camera PNY 128GB USB 3.0 Drive Trekker […]

  • 2018 Slim And Minimal Wallet Guide

    Ever see one of those guys that has a wallet that’s bigger than a softball? We’ve all seen people that pull out those bulky wallets and wonder why in the world they need to carry so much stuff in a wallet. After all, isn’t a wallet about carrying cards and cash? Let’s face it. If […]

  • Condor Pocket Pouch – $10 [Slim Everyday Carry Pouch]

    The Condor Pocket Pouch is a small pouch that fits into any glove box, backpack or messenger bag that holds your essential everyday carry gear. The front has a convenient three quarter height mesh pocket (4.25″W x 4″H) that’s great for holding the items you might reach for most: A lighter, Trekker Space Pen and […]

  • Heading Out At First Light

    Making Sure I Have The EDC Essentials For This Day Trip It’s almost 0500 and I’m ready to hit the road. The coffee is brewing and I’m feeling pretty good. Gotta make a day run and won’t be back until this evening, so I’m taking a few everyday carry essentials with me. The wallet’s a […]

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