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  • Bare Urban Carry Essentials

    I’ve seen a lot of bag and pocket dumps. There’s a lot of cool EDC gear out there, that’s for sure. Some of it’s functional, other stuff isn’t. But when it comes down to it, what are the bare essentials that one should carry? Most of the time when I go out, I have my […]

  • Monday Morning Desk Dump

    It’s another Monday morning and I’ve laid out the things that I’ll probably need throughout the work day on my desk. Here’s what I got today [from left clockwise: Traveler’s Company Brown Standard Traveler’s Notebook Muji Aluminum Pocket Pencil [0.5mm lead] attached to notebook Generic Traveler Notebook Leather Pen Holder MihaiLeather Field Notes Wallet Fold […]

  • 26 | M | Project Engineer [Personal Carry]

    Springfield XD Mod 2.0 9mm w/ 16 Rd mag Hornady critical defense 147gr. Alpha Concealment Prometheus holster Spare 9mm 13 Rd mag Alpha Concealment mag carrier The 5th White & Tan watch Paracord bracelet Ray ban prescription sunglasses Glasses Jaybird X2 wireless headphones Field Notes pitch black dot grid Stainless Steel Sharpie pen Keybar w/ […]

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