Pelican 1910 Flashlight Review

The Pelican Company is most widely known for making some of the best weather resistant cases in the world for just about any gear you might have, but did you know that Pelican also had a line of flashlights?

The Pelican line of flashlights are some of the best, yet under promoted flashlights in the world today. They’re durable, functional, reliable and weather resistant up to IPX7 on most of the models.

I’m putting the Pelican 1910 AAA pocket flashlight through daily use to see how it measures up.

The AAA and AA size flashlights, usually measuring less than four inches are some of my favorites for everyday carry. They’re small enough to fit into a pocket or small EDC pouch, yet many of them can produce enough light for almost any normal situation you’d find yourself in where you need a flashlight.

Another reason that the AAA and AA size flashlights are some of the most useful is that batteries for these lights are sold just about everywhere. You can usually pop into a gas station or convenience store and get at least two at a time, and keeping spares in your bag or backpack doesn’t take up much space or add a lot of weight. A pack of eight batteries would last over 32 hours of continuous use on this flashlight.

The Pelican 1910 Is A 106 Lumen Aluminum Pocket Flashlight

The Pelican 1910 is a perfect Everyday Carry flashlight that fits in your pocket, yet provides tons of light and continuous run times of over 4 hours.

Features and Measurements:

  • IPX7 Water resistance
  • High (106 lumens) / Low (21 lumens) modes
  • Powered by a single AAA battery (Lithium recommended)
  • Tail clicky switch for high/low and momentary modes
  • Length: 3.80″ x 0.68″
  • Weight with Alkaline Battery: 1.10 oz.

The body is made from a thick, aircraft aluminum that is pretty break proof. It takes a single AAA battery

There are two different models of the flashlight, even though the model number stays the same. There is a black one and there are the ones that have different colored bodies.

The Black Pelican 1910 Is What You Want.

For some reason, the colored body models don’t put out as much light, and at full power, don’t last as long runtime-wise.

Pelican 1910 Ratings from the manufacturer

Replacing the batteries is pretty simple. The tail cap rotates off to expose the battery compartment when it’s time to change batteries. Notice that there is a EPDM O-Ring right below the threads on the body side. This is your water and dust seal. Make sure it’s seated properly before you put the tail cap back on again to ensure no water or dust makes it into the battery compartment.

The lens is a Polycarbonate plastic while the clip is made of high carbon steel and powder coated black. Unlike the Streamlight Microstream, the Pelican 1910 doesn’t have a clip that goes both ways, so there’s no way to attach the flashlight to the brim of your baseball cap, for example. The clip is removable if desired. Just remove the tail cap and pull the clip off the body, and reinstall the tail cap. Just make sure that you don’t pull off the O-Ring when you remove the clip as the fit is pretty tight.

The head isn’t removable, and is part of the entire flashlight body.

The tail cap clicky switch has a fairly soft depress. While it’s possible that you could accidentally turn the flashlight on if it were to bump into something in your pocket, it would have to be a fairly hard bump to get it to click past momentary mode and into “on”. I haven’t had an issue with this.

A Note About The Flashlight Momentary Mode

One of the things that I noticed with this flashlight is that since it’s a two light mode flashlight, when you go to press the clicky fast for a strobe effect, it will alternate the high and low modes rather than just default to always the high mode. What I mean is that the first burst will be high, then the next burst will be low, and so on. I find that a bit annoying, but not a show stopper.

What’s In the Box?

Not much, that’s for sure, but on the bright side, Pelican includes the premium Energizer AAA battery so you can load up the light and use it right away. There’s a small instruction/warranty manual, but that’s it. No lanyard, which I’m thankful for.

Pelican 1910: $26 via Amazon

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