Review: Designworks Ink Standard Issue Notebook No. 3

The Standard Issue Notebook No. 3 by Designworks Ink has got to be one of the most durable non-weatherproof notebooks that I’ve found.

It’s also one of the best looking notebooks I’ve carried. More than a few times, clients have said, “Nice notebook” as I place it on the conference room desk.

The Standard Issue Notebook No. 3 has 192 ruled pages (96 sheets) that have a 6mm spacing. Across the top and bottom are hash marks every 6mm so that you can also accurately rule vertical lines.

You’ll find Month and Day indicators across the top of each page, so all you need to do is circle the correct dates when you’re taking notes. There’s also a subject line so that you can quickly label the page’s subject matter.

On the front cover, there’s a nice little “Property of” sticker for quick information. I love the font and layout of the branding and gold accent on the cover as well.

The pen loop on the binding of the notebook is very sturdy and wide, eliminating “pencil slip” where the pencil falls out. The only other binding pen holder I’ve used is on the Blackwing Slate, and that’s good as well too.

There’s some information sheets on the inside of the front and rear covers, but the rest of the pages are standard lined pages.

You’ll find that this notebook is perfect for the Pencil and Ballpoint Pen users, but if you’re into fountain pens, custom inks, gel pens and felt tipped pens, this notebook might not be for you.

I’d have to say that it’s really more a utility notebook rather than one that a creative bullet journalist might reach for.

The Standard Issue Notebook No. 3 has a 1950’s lab notebook feel to it, and it just looks good sitting on your desk.

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